The Hard Road…Discovering unique talent from all corners of the world, all walks of life, from the everyday drive to the road less traveled. Artists sharing their journeys, in their own words. We travel the globe to discover singer-songwriters, and/or bands with raw talent, unique voices, and stories to be shared. We explore how their day to day, social, economic, political, and physical environments; influence, and inspire, as well as the unique challenges they face while pursuing their passion and struggle to get out into the world to be heard.

“No Reservations,” and “Parts Unknown” meets “Behind the Music,” and “Storytellers”. Each episode showcases one singer-songwriter, and/or band.

Regardless of genre or background, artists have something it common, the drive to create. Glean inside the lives of musicians from small towns, and big cities around the world, see what makes them tick. Follow them as they juggle the demands of family, and jobs while pursuing their passion. See how they strive to keep that delicate work, life, dream balance, and overcome, at times, huge odds, to get out and just perform their music.


https://vimeo.com/226825302Brad Brooks Episode ITwins, cancer & rock & roll. Brad Brooks, Bay Area treasure by way of Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona. Follow Brad’s journey and discover the amazing music he makes. Click here to watch the Brad Brooks Episode I.

Coming Soon|Episode II
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